Importing WordPress in XML format

March 25, 2012 by: Sudheer

Importing WordPress from One server to another server

1. First thing you need to do is export the WordPress files in XML format from old server.

  • Log into the WordPress dashboard in your old server.
  • Go to Tools >> Export


  • Select ‘All content’ or ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’.
  • Click on ‘Download Export File’.
  • Save the XML file in your local computer.

2. In order to import the XML file, first thing you need to do is install the WordPress Importer plugin and activate it. You can find it here:


3. Once the plugin is activated, you can import the WordPress XML file.

  • Go to Tools >> Import
  • Click on ‘WordPress’ and select the XML file.

import XML file

  • Click on ‘Upload file and Import’.

import XML file

  • Select the approriate option for ‘Import author’ and click on ‘Submit’.

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