WordPress Loading with the blank page

September 25, 2011 by: Sudheer

Possible reasons may be the server side issues, database connection, plugins or the theme

1. Server Side:
Check if the normal PHP files are working are fine. Also, check if the sessions are working. If they are working, then the issue is not with the server. If they not working, contact your hosting service provider.

2. Database: Reset the database password to the one which you have set it in the wp-config.php file and check the website again. If it did not fixed the issue, check if your php scripts is able to connect the database. You may need to update the database host or contact your hosting if there any issues with the database.

3. The issue may be due to the plugins which you are using. Disable all the plugins either by going to the WordPress dashboard or by going to the database and check if the issue is fixed. If it is fixed, then you have to enable the plugins one by one and check which plugin is causing the issue.

4. Reset the theme to ‘default’ or ‘twenty-ten’ and check the website. If the issue is fixed, the issue is with the theme that you are using.

If you still get the blank page, you may need to contact your hosting service provider.

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