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June 12, 2011 by: Sudheer

If the MySQL user exceeds the database query limit, then the WordPress website will be redirected to the installation page. This setting is in place to ensure that the MySQL database cannot be overloaded with to many query requests. The queries will reset every hour and is kept by user; however every time the pages on your website are accessed you are still attempting to make queries to the database server.

There are many possible causes for the ‘max_questions’ limit get exceeded. Some of them are:
* A script is not closing the MySQL connection after accessing the database. In WordPress, such chances are less, however if there is an error in the scripting of a plugin or theme which you’re using, then the MySQL connection won’t close after querying the database. Hence, please make sure that you close the connection immediately after accessing the database using mysql_close() command from your scripts.
* Your scripts or pages are hitting too frequently from a specific IP address through brute force tools or manually or from other websites. You can check raw logs available in the /stats directory or check the Visitor Statistics for such possibilities. Using the .htaccess Hotlink Protection and the .htaccess Block IP Addresses would resolve this issue.
* Using a single database for multiple applications or having too many users for a single database. A solution for this is creating separate databases for separate applications as well as having separate users.

Additionally, if you get a lot of traffic for your WordPress blog, then I suggest that you use a caching plugin, such as WP-Cache. WP-Cache will make a file copy of a page and serve that up instead of the original page (refreshing it every so often). This not only speeds up your website a lot, but hits to the cached pages make no SQL queries or database hits whatsoever.

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