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September 25, 2011 by: Sudheer

There are 2 methods de-activate the plugins. One is by going to the WordPress dashboard and another one is through phpMyAdmin.

How to de-activate all the plugins through Dashboard:
1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click on ‘Plugins’
3. Check the box located near to ‘Plugin’ which will select all the plugins.
4. Select ‘Deactivate’ under ‘Bulk Options’ and then click on ‘Apply’. All your plugins are de-activated now.

If you are unable to log into the WordPress dashboard, you may need to de-activate the plugins to gain the dashboard access. You can de-activate the plugins through phpMyAdmin by following the steps given below:
1. Access your phpMyadmin (you may contact your host to find how to do it).
2. Click on the table ‘wp_options’ and then click on ‘Browse’.
3. Click on ‘option_name’ which will ordered the ‘fields’ in alphabetic order.
4. Click on ‘Edit’ prior to ‘active_plugins’. Normally it is the first field.
5. Copy the existing code and save it in your notepad. You may need this to activate the plugins. You can activate the plugins by logging into the WordPress dashboard too.
6. Remove the existing code and enter: a:0:{}
7. Click on ‘Go’. All the plugins will be de-activated now.

You can also can directly run the sql query given below:


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